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Rachel Gough

Age: 18

Time training: 2 years

How would you describe your style as a Parkour athlete?
I don’t necessarily stick to one style as I enjoy such a range, I just focus on making my movement clean and fun. 

What is your favourite aspect of the sport?
Definitely the community, everyone is so kind and encouraging it makes overcoming a challenge even better. 

When you are not training parkour how do you fill your time?
I like music and I play bass myself, I also do a lot of fire art such as fire spinning and fire breathing for circus performances and film shoots.

Is Parkour your full-time job and If not what do you do on the side?
I haven’t had much opportunity to turn parkour into a job yet but hopefully, more will come soon, at the moment I work as a coach in a gymnastics and parkour centre and I enjoy that a lot.

Within parkour are you pushing towards any goals or challenges?
I always set small challenges for myself such as improving my kong pre technique and distance which was an aim for this summer as well as taking my swing dub outside, both I was really happy to have achieved. But a long term goal is to compete at NAPC because I think competing in a girls division would be really fun. 

If you were not able to choose parkour what other sport would you like to pursue toward a professional level?
I feel like I probably would have taken up skating or another community-based sport, but I couldn’t see myself pursuing another sport as I have with parkour. 

Where would you like to see yourself and Motus within the next 5 years?
Hopefully as a stronger athlete that’s done a lot of cool projects and still having fun training :) 

What is your taste in music?
I like loads of genres but my favourites are probably old school hip hop and indie rock. 

What is your favourite food?
Greggs steak bake

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